Should You Home School?

There is a lot of homeschool information available these days, and homeschool statistics demonstrate how succesfful this teaching mode is. But is it right for you? I think this largely depends on the goals that you want to see your children reach.

This decision must be a family commitment. The decision cannot be a whimsical one that you make on the spur of the moment because you are dissatisfied with the school options in your area. You do not need to make this (during the first year) a lifetime commitment. It is best to tell family and friends that you plan to home school for one year and then evaluate any changes that you may want to make. Dad and Mom must look at all the options and discuss at length time management and finances.

At one time parents whispered to one another that they might home school their children. Now there are thousands of children who are being home schooled and have been at the top of their college honor lists. One in twenty-five home school graduates is a National Merit semifinalist. In public schools, the national norm is one in every two hundred students is a National Merit semifinalist.

Last Updated: 09/18/2014