Outside Evaluator

Your homeschooled child will need letters of recommendation for college entrance. Choose someone who can express in writing your child's pluses. (It is good for the student to ask this evaluator long before the paper is due and to present this evaluator with his list of things he participated in during his home school years.) College boards need to see that your child can adjust in different circumstances. It is very important that the evaluator is able to point to positive sides of your child's social behavior with others.

I hope that this book has been helpful to you in deciding whether or not to home school your children. There is so much more accuracy and depth in the home school material.

If you decide that for various reasons, you are not able to home school then please encourage your children to read from a wide variety of authors that wrote about different time periods. Increase their math skills by buying a supplementary workbook and have them work ten problems each evening. This should not be presented in the form of punishment, but a fun time for the family to enjoy each other.

When your child does attend college, you do not want to have to pay thousands of dollars for remedial classes that do not even count toward graduation credits. Do not focus so much on the grade that is on the progress report but on what your child can actually do. There are many students graduating that cannot read well and certainly do not know their multiplication tables or other basic math skills.

You may not have a degree in teaching but your desire to see your child excel will far exceed the piece of paper that some teacher holds. It is up to you, not just your school district, to be sure that your child is a happy, productive citizen.

Last Updated: 05/24/2014