How to Save for College

AP (Advance Placement) courses are college level studies completed in high school. Many colleges award credit to incoming freshman for the AP tests passed in high school. It is possible to enter college as a sophomore because of high school AP credits. This will not only save time but also big bucks. Many homeschoolers save thousands of dollars this way.

Another great money saving device is to "CLEP" out of courses. College Level Examination Program offers test to see if you can skip that course. The student is encouraged to study on his own and then take the test. The test costs around $50-$75 dollars and are often worth three to six college credits. There are booklets available to tell you how to study for the test. These booklets can be purchased on line or in most college bookstores. I personally know of a young man who took enough CLEP tests to eliminate two years of college. Not bad. He was able to save money and time.

Free CLEP Exam Questions| Sample CLEP Test Questions

A friend made the comment that this young man was missing out on college life. This young man is a happy father and successful businessman today and does not owe for two years of unnecessary classroom material. (Some of which could be classified as liberal indoctrination)

There is a great book how a sixteen year old home schooler earned his master's degree on line. You may enjoy reading No Regrets by Alexandra Swann. (Cygnet Press)

Last Updated: 05/24/2014