Homeschooling is not just about time but it is also about money. You must carefully count the cost. Unfortunately many of our public schools are no more than a baby-sitting service. The teacher is not totally to blame for this. Each year parents are expecting more and more from the classroom teacher without the thought that the parent is supposed to be helping the teacher. No wonder so many good teachers are dropping by the way side. It is true that your clothing budget will be drastically cut. No more school uniforms to buy, no gym sets, and no extra fees for regular school management. You may save on gas money because there is no need to live on the road traveling to drop off children at two or three different schools.

If you do decide to home school, remember you do not need all the bells and whistles in order to teach. Different book companies make their living convincing Mom that she must have this or that in order to do justice to home schooling. Let me repeat. That is how they make a living. It is good to go to book fairs but you may want to take along a friend that can encourage you to say no. For the first year, I suggest you call some of the web sites that I listed in section four and ask to see a preview of some of their material. Be mainly concerned about the 3 R's. It may be easy for you to get a science or social studies book from the local school and just read the books orally to several of your children if they are in grades one through four. (Most science books on this level are basically discussing the same principle and just adding more facts each year.) Public schools are unfortunately throwing away books at the end of the year or rather piling them into a book room that is seldom visited.

Be on the lookout for handed down teacher's manuals or textbooks. Many home school Moms trade books in order to save on cost. Take advantage of your public library. You may want to ask family members to pitch in and help. I know of a family that asked the grandparents to sponsor the math program for several years. Instead of piling on toys and clothing at Christmas, they gave a check toward "Math Advancement." The grandparents were delighted not to have to shop as much as they use to. What a tremendous investment in their grandchild's future.

If you keep the books in good condition, you will be able to resale the books for close to two-thirds their original purchase value.

Last Updated: 05/24/2014