Community Activities

Colleges are interested in more than just scores. It is very important that your home schooled child chalk up a few hours doing some of the community activities. (March of dimes, homeless shelters, meals on wheels, candy stripe worker at the hospital, etc) Check into the possibility of your child becoming an apprentice (free labor) in exchange for learning real life learning situations. You may want to check out (Mentoring your Teen: Charting a Course to Successful Adulthood.)

Start keeping a record of events that your child participates in while homeschooling. You need to be sure to do this because you may forget something very valuable when the child applies for college. Colleges are hoping to find well-rounded students. Many colleges stereotype the home schooler as an introvert that does not have the social skills necessary for college life. This thinking is rapidly changing. Include in your notes any organizations or cross-cultural experiences (mission trips) that showed independence from your home. Maybe your child had his own lawn service or perhaps baby-sitting agency. I know of a sixteen-year-old who employs seven of his friends to help with his landscape business. I think this speaks volumes about a sixteen-year-old. Most parents cannot get their sixteen-year-old to pick up their bath towel much less run a business.

Last Updated: 05/24/2014