College and Beyond

Some colleges are offering a homeschooling scholarship. (Oral Roberts is one that makes this offer.) Harvard leaves a slot for ten home schoolers per year.

If you have a college that you are considering for your student, contact the admissions department during your child's ninth grade year to be sure that you teach the courses that are required for college entrance. Many home schooling students are taking classes at the community college in order to have a proven grade record when they enter a university. (If your home school curriculum is not accredited by your state, I suggest that you investigate on-line classes or enroll in a hometown college.)

Home school students usually excel in college. College professors state that most of these students have a thirst for knowledge and also have enough self-motivation to overcome age differences among peers. Many of these students are able to enter college earlier than standard students.

At the present time many home schoolers must have a GED score for college acceptance. Remember this, if your child gets college credit before his twelfth grade year, it will be his college grades that count, not his home school record that the university may want to argue about.

There are programs via satellite offering a high school at home programs with a diploma upon graduation. Be sure to find out if the program is accredited and by whom. You may go to the expense of using a program such as this and your child's college still may not recognize the diploma that this group offers. The diploma is important because without it, the federal and state financial aid packages will not even consider a home school student. Some states are beginning to recognize home school diplomas. (South Carolina and Pennsylvania home school students may qualify for aid at this time.) I believe more states will make this possible in the near future.

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Your basic courses meet everyday for 36 weeks for forty-minute classes. (120 hours of instruction is traditionally called one Carnegie unit.) Your child must have a minimum of twenty credits in order to graduate.

It is highly suggested that your child investigate when the local schools are offering the ACT and SAT test. These tests are offered on Saturdays throughout the school year. Be sure to call and get the dates early. This test can be taken as many times as you choose. You will not be able to mix and match your highest scores.

Whatever your highest score is, that is the one that will be mailed to the college of your choice. I personally think it is wise to begin taking the ACT or SAT test in February of your junior year. If your child scores 30 or above (top score 36 on the ACT test) or 1200 or above on the SAT (top score 1600) you probably will not need to furnish very much documentation for college. The SAT score is based on two parts: verbal and math.

College and Beyond

The PSAT must be taken in the student's junior year (usually mid-October) in order for the student to have an opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarships. This is an extremely important scholarship. If you are a National Merit Winner, any college will try to recruit you. The PSAT contains math, a verbal section, and writing. (Add a zero to the score in PSAT for verbal, math and writing. Add these three together. This will predict your SAT score. ) Be sure to ask for your PSAT test when it is returned to the school in order for you to review the mistakes and be better prepared for your SAT test. Make sure you contact your local high school to setup a date for your child to take the PSAT when it is administered at the school.

In most states your child will need a score of 2000 on their PSAT to be considered for the National Merit. (Perfect score for the National Merit is 2400.) One in twenty five graduates of a home school program is a National Merit semifinalist. The national norm is one in two hundred for public school graduates.

The hardest element of any test is the time frame. Remember my biggest gripe with home schoolers is that the mom or dad allow the child as much time as he needs to complete ten problems. WRONG! If the parent has allowed this to be part of his home school education then the time limits for different segments of the test will seriously affect the home schooler's score.

The best way to get scholarships for most colleges is to have a high ACT or SAT score. Your child's transcript should include AP (advanced placement) or honor courses. Reading, writing, and math skills are still the most determining factor in awarding money for college.

Last Updated: 09/18/2014