Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

One of the best things about a homeschool curriculum is the wide variety available. In public schools, someone new is always offering their textbook for the classroom. Some of these are limited in balanced thinking. Some of the authors are more concerned about pushing their political views rather than educating your child. (I have already mentioned how facts are being reworded or completely left out in many of the textbooks.

The different homeschooling programs do have homeschool curriculum fairs in most major areas. I would suggest that the parent request catalogs from several home school suppliers. I provide a list of the ones I am familiar with later on.) Many home school programs have software and video programs to offer the family.

For starters, I will suggest that you choose a program that offers a prepackaged homeschool curriculum. These types of programs have daily lessons and assignments that are ready to go with their text and workbook. I believe many parents try to mix and match and do an injustice to their child. There needs to be continuity. If the parent skips from one supplier to another, there may be holes in your program. If you stay with one supplier, you can be more certain that you do not miss certain valuable skills. You may want to contact some of the local churches and leave your phone number for a home schooling parent to call you and discuss what home schooling involves. You need to be realistic about your child's ability but far more important is how much time and effort do you plan to devote to your child getting an outstanding education. Do you want your child to be challenged or just to bump along?

There is no doubt that the first year of home schooling is the hardest. That is the main reason that I want to restate that it is best not to mix and match curriculums on your own. Usually one concept builds or points toward another. You do not need to jump around. The people that wrote these textbooks have spent years planning and critiquing their material.

Last Updated: 05/24/2014